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Come To My Opening

Jack Hanley Gallery
136 Watts Street, 646-918-6824
Tribeca / Downtown
May 1 - May 29, 2010
Reception: Sunday, May 9, 6 - 9 PM
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What does it mean?; Color use in the man-made environment, workplace, industry, hospitals etc. What is it they represent? He said: “Color is like politics.” These religions—everyone has their own physiological, visual psycho-diagnostic testing, art nightmare. I, however, try to under-go ergonomic, neuro-psychological, marketing, philosophy (and psychosomatic aspects of ornithology)— in short the universe! Students, dear honored Birren during the 2nd World War was able to reduce the accident rate in American factories for the guests— Thank you!

The Jack Hanley Gallery, New York, is pleased to present a solo exhibition of work by Amy Yao. The exhibition will be comprised of sculpture, painting, photography, performance, and installation.

By coyly implicating the obvious, Yao’s work constructs a new political framework for our psychological entrances and exits: free standing doors become invitations to both interior and exterior spaces, wood dowels adorned with enigmatic phrases hang as slippery landscapes, and yellow banana and green cucumber fixtures are illuminated in a way that interrogates assumptions and distorts our sense of direction.

Yao layers absurdities with a unique “trial by trial” method and deftly employs a humor that draws from the overstated. Her works, often constructed from mass-produced prefabricated materials, slice the space between us and the uncertainties of the world they potentially open to reveal. Acting as a threshold, they teeter on the fine line between “accurate depictions” of emotive states and those that go “over the edge,” into surplus.

All in all, Yao’s solo exhibition forgoes the desire for continuity and metamorphoses the white walled space into an atmosphere where refigured objects command emotion and provide alternative structures for us to enter and exit; experience safety and insecurity; believe in something and nothing.

The run of the show will be accompanied by a series of performances: May 9th at 4pm: Amy Yao with Jacob Robichaux in conjunction with New York Gallery Week May 23rd: Tyson Reeder May 28th: Yemenwed TBA performances: June Fagley, Anicka Yi “Nuts in May”
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