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Do Ho Suh, A Perfect Home: The Bridge Project

Storefront for Art and Architecture
97 Kenmare Street, 212-431-5795
September 14 - December 7, 2010
Reception: Tuesday, September 14, 7 - 9 PM
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Storefront for Art and Architecture is extremely pleased to announce the inauguration of its 2010-11 exhibition season with a new project by internationally acclaimed artist Do Ho Suh. The Bridge Project is Do Ho Suh’s most recent chapter in his ongoing work, A Perfect Home.

Over the past two years Do Ho Suh and his team of researchers, architects, and designers have generated four fantastical bridge designs that propose ways to connect Seoul and New York. This conceptual project, which roots back to Do Ho Suh’s first drawings of this inhabitable bridge in 1999, proposes to build a bridge that joins two homes into one, connecting the spatial, temporal, psychological, and cultural distance between these cities. The project constructs the bridges within a new space of projected desires where economic and structural optimization are not the defining elements of design. His studio’s rigorous and speculative research method has led to the uncovering of a multitude of challenges. Each of the four bridges uses different technologies, structures, and forms to contend with the issues of climate, biodiversity, and human activity. Each design factors in specific environmental and oceanographic data: ocean current, tide, wind, wave, salinity, temperature, sea level, precipitation, snowfall, foliage, cloud fraction, hot spot, natural disasters, the migratory routes of aviary and marine life, etc. The proposals also consider political conditions, factoring in missile testing, as well as the migratory patterns of people via air route, ocean liner route, and cruise routes.

Do Ho Suh is well known for his post-minimalist sculptural works that tackle questions on the notions of home, place, site, and memory. His experience of transcultural displacement motivates his ongoing inquiry into the ways we conceive of and build our concept of home. The Bridge Project, however, does not resemble the more polished works that are shown in museums throughout the world. Rather, this exhibition presents the hypothetical research of his studio in five digital presentations, including one animation and four bridge proposals. The bridges will be modified and updated throughout the exhibition run. This is a project that remains, as yet, unfinished.

Curated by Yasmeen M. Siddiqui
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