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Gruss Aus Wien

Chashama 266 Gallery
266 West 37th Street, 212-391-8151 x 26
January 7 - January 18, 2011
Reception: Tuesday, January 18, 5 - 9 PM

chashama presents:

Gruss aus Wien by Aksel Stasny & Joe Schroecker 266 W 37th Street (between 7th and 8th Ave) January 7th to 18th, 1pm – 7pm Closing Reception: Wednesday, January 18th 5pm-9pm

About: Two photographers endeavor to connect the world with Austrian culture and kindness – using only a small, delightful snow globe. By Placing the Viennese symbol into foreign contexts and landscapes during an 80-day journey, the artists explore their own memory of place and conception of human identity.


Aksel Stasny

Aksel Stasny grew up in Austria surrounded by the art of the country and his father, well known photographer Horst Stasny.

Aksel worked for production companies and photographers throughout Vienna before studying Film and Theatre Science at the University of Vienna.

Upon graduating The New York Film Academy, Aksel became personal student of Director Vojtech Jasny and began working with Bayard Studios in Brooklyn as a Director and Director of Photography.

Joe Schroecker

Born and raised in Austria amidst the mountains of Salzburg. Later moved to Linz. Did his first short film here, won a couple of prices, tasted blood and wanted more.

On a trip around the world Horst Stasny introduced him to the beauty of photography, met artist Sam Haskins and wrote about him. Article got published in Modern Times Magazine.

Moved to Vienna. Assisted photographers like Andreas Hofer, Michael Winkelmann, Wolfgang Zajc. Studied performing arts, film and media science at the University of Vienna.

Now working on new film and photography projects. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Also loves flowers, books and lousy weather.

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