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Brian Riley, Jessica Yatrofsky

368 Broadway, room 405, 917.968.2112
Tribeca / Downtown
April 10 - May 22, 2011
Reception: Sunday, April 17, 12 - 5 PM
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COUPLING brings together work by two separate artists, Jessica Yotrofsky and Brian Riley, both classicaly trained as painters, both now working within a photography practice, and both drawing from the same muse of the male nude. Both Yotrofsky and Riley, independently of one another, set out to find and photograph this often stereotyped subject in ways that elevate it beyond the homoerotic, beyond the cliche. Both bring a knowledge of formalism to their photographic works which when combined with their masterful use of light, balance, composition, and texture create images that advance beyond the current style of snapshot-esque photography into the real of timeless.
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