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The International Artists at Home and Abroad Exhibition Series

Broadway Gallery
473 Broadway, 7th Floor, 212-274-8993
March 16 - March 31, 2011
Reception: Thursday, March 17, 6 - 8 PM
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The Artists at Home and Abroad exhibition series is a representation of both emerging and established artists on an international scale. This exhibit features exciting, new investigations in contemporary image making. The work explores everything from the intersection of abstraction and figuration to the significance of high and low art. The unique perspectives of the artists on view create a lively, cross-cultural interchange.

Featuring: Sukhi Barber, Kimberly Becoat, Eileen Berger, Daniel Blondet, Karen Brailovsky, Horacio Cardozo, Elizabeth Colomba, Kim Davison, Mirit Furstenberg, Nina Dreyer Henjum, Stephen Lane, Gina Lucia, Mark Mawson, Gerry Mayer, Chris Mayse, Melody Owens, Robert Piersanti, Väänänen Seppo, Jaime Sunwoo, Sylvia Tupper, Elizabeth Uyehara, Marianna Venczák, Timo Vuorikoski, Charlotte Wensley, Neil Wyatt, Keita Yasukawa

Living in the midst of rapid globalization creates interstices between different cultures. This series high­lights the significance of exhibiting a variety of works in a pluralistic art world. Inspired by salon-style hanging, most commonly attributed to the Salon de Paris held during the 18th and 19th centuries; Broadway Gallery NYC continues this legacy with a con temporary and fresh outlook. Collectively, this show invites patrons to initiate a dialogue between artists and the art world. Following a trend of previous exhibitions at Broadway Gallery NYC, this show pays tribute to the format of a salon hanging. It is a tradition that awakens contemporary culture to a dynamic collective consciousness.

In addition to the exhibition on display at Broadway Gallery NYC, are several concurrent Internet projects, and a print catalog. Furthermore, this exhibit offers writers and viewers an exciting opportunity to submit essays and comments on the nature and significance of biennials, fairs and public expo­sure for new and emerging artists.

Utilizing the maximum floor-to-ceiling gallery space activates the wall with art works in various media by artists, each of whom offer a unique perspective to the show. These artists have transformed the gallery walls into a compendium of generational takes on figuration, portraiture, and abstraction. The result is an intense, artistic zeitgeist.

The speed of interactions via new media allows for global artistic conversations previously unheard before. In an attempt to integrate the numerous artistic languages, this exhibit was installed in a unique format. Two long parallel walls have been carefully installed to create dialogue in the spatial order. Artists at Home and Abroad allows the viewer access to some of the past and current pivotal artistic ideas while introducing newer talent, to generate fresh creative energy through unex­pected juxtapositions.

Monday – Friday 10AM to 6PM 473 Broadway, NYC, NY 10013
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