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Hisanori Mae: The insight for ordeal in life –the true existence in the dim-

ISE Cultural Foundation
555 Broadway (between Prince & Spring), 212-925-1649
April 29 - June 18, 2011
Reception: Friday, April 29, 6 - 8 PM
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Opening Reception with Sake Tasting and Music: Friday, April 29, 6-8PM Sake Tasting by Sake Discoveries, LLC & Music by Yoshida Yamada

ISE Cultural Foundation is pleased to present solo exhibition “Hisanori Mae: The insight for ordeal in life –the true existence in the dim” curated by Fumiaki Mae.

Since the ancient time in Japan, there is a symbolic expression, which shows Japanese aesthetics called “In’ei Raisan”, or “In Praise of Shadows”(Japanese author, Jun’ichiro Tanizaki used this word for his book title in1933) This word represents that the beauty of Japanese traditional art forms such as calligraphy, painting or vessel is emphasized in the dim. It is not only suggesting a way to enjoy magnificence of art, but it may be indicating how you should confront “THINGS” to capture the essence that is behind the phenomenon.

When people are detached and faced the enormous nature in front of them, they might lose their egos and discover the true existence of the world. As the massive earthquake and tsunami struck Japan just recently, the mightiness of Mother Nature sometimes brings us distress, sadness, and melancholy. However, the same Mother Nature that causes disaster also conveys a great deal of comfort to us. The plight of nature might teach us “HOPE” in midst of darkness as well.

Hisanori Mae, artist in this exhibition, confronts Mother Nature everyday and with his unique techniques he keeps painting “Despair” and “Comfort” in our lives. In this exhibition, the artwork is not displayed under the conventional shinny light, but it is showed under the “In’ei.” or “dim”. The viewers use the individual candlestick type light on their hands to light up the paintings. By confronting the artwork quietly and deeply in the dim with a small light on your hand, we hope that viewers might be reminded of things forgotten in this modern savage time and find peace and comfort in their lives again.

This exhibition is not meant to be a representation of traditional Japanese aesthetics. It is a challenge to bring more contemporary way to present universalistic artistic quality.

For more information about “Hisanori Mae,” please visit his website.

Supported by: Sake Discoveries, LLC
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