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The Telaesthetic Finger

Location One
26 Greene Street, 212-334-3347
October 11 - November 26, 2005
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Featuring: Kevin Centanni Atsushi Nishijima Heather Wagner

Telaesthesia is the perception of events or objects not actually present. In Location One’s Project Room, The Telaesthetic Finger is a selection of works that function as acoustic crab traps: devices that are cast out and reeled back in, filled with booty…or not. On display: the booty and the devices. Works by Kevin Centanni (PCSAG sneaks into frequencies usually accessible only by police radios and emergency pagers, this piece uses a computer script to convert the data to ASCII and the messages are presented in real time on a scrolling LED display like so many stock quotes); Atsushi Nishijima (Sky Fishing, recordings at the end of a kite sent out of sight and reeled back in), and Heather Wagner (Attempted—Not Known comes out of a longstanding hobby of sending recording devices through the mail, gathering acoustic documentation of their journeys. In this version, the packages are sent to impossible addressees, for example, “GOD”, or “Amelia Earhart” and are, hopefully, returned to sender. Inexplicably, the reasons for nondelivery – “insufficient address”, “outside delivery limits” – vary from addressee to addressee).
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