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Chaos and Night

Pinion Gallery
1265 Atlantic Avenue, (718) 514-9509
Brooklyn Misc.
June 10 - July 1, 2011
Reception: Friday, June 10, 7 - 10 PM
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The Pinion Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition encompassing animation, film, drawing, sculpture and digital prints entitled Chaos and Night on view at the 1265 Atlantic Avenue gallery in Brooklyn.

This exhibition will showcase work that presents the viewer with places that seem familiar, yet upon closer inspection are quite unsettling. The artists, Alex McLeod, Colin White and William Stitt invest themselves in the worlds that they create. Each of their works involves different mediums that construct surreal and uncanny landscapes and creatures. Their work is beautiful and dark, familiar and bizarre.

Alex McLeod constructs hyperrealistic 3D environments filled with crystalline mountains, fiery lakes, and rotund clouds, all rendered in a sickly sweet and gooey candy-colored palette. Recalling the wide-open vistas of Romantic landscape painting while at the same time staging otherworldly dystopias, McLeod’s CGI prints act as hybrid spaces that imply an almost infinite recombination of the past and present, the real and virtual.

William Stitt’s work examines the lives of creatures both real and imaginary in a style that combines B-movie strangeness and film noir. His work is a type of visual anthropology that emotionally renders the absurdity of life. The work in his current series is presented like a cabinet of curiosities, blurring the line between the real and the fictional. All of his pieces draw upon death’s inevitability and the erasure of fact over time. The series is represented in charcoal drawing, taxidermy sculpture and mock nature documentary film.

Colin White explores the notion of existence as a phenomena independent of time, and the nature of the six-dimensional instant as the culmination of a four-dimensional eternity. His ambient, yet pervasive animation, explores the means by which condition and tone can create a collective narrative. His animation creates a four-dimensional glimpse into the realm of form, purpose, and pattern.
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