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Marko Lulic, Modernity in YU

Storefront for Art and Architecture
97 Kenmare Street, 212-431-5795
November 15 - December 23, 2005
Reception: Tuesday, November 15, 6:30 - 8:30 PM
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Modernity in YU deals with the modernism of Yugoslavia in its communist or, more precisely, Titoist era. The sculptural works in this series are remakes of modernist partisan monuments. The original partisan monuments were erected as heroic gestures throughout Yugoslavia, according to designs that appealed to a lingering belief in utopian ideals. In contrast, Marko Lulic’s works are small, some the size of a nightstand, while others measure as large as six cubic feet. The larger sculptures seem monumental in an exhibition space, but are small in comparison to the dimensions of the originals. While the partisan monuments were made out of stable materials like concrete, steel or stone, Lulic works with papier-mache, fake clay, fiber plate, styrofoam or wood; materials from a building supply shop.

Modernity in YU includes video works and sculpture. Earlier renditions of this project occurred at: Gabriele Senn Gallery, Vienna; at the Austrian Galerie Belvedere / Atelier Augarten, Vienna; in the group show Objects. Sculpture in Austria after ‘45 at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, Serbia; and in Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt.
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