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Asia Unspecific

558 St. Johns Place, Crown Heights, 718-783-4438
Brooklyn Misc.
October 29 - December 10, 2011
Reception: Sunday, November 6, 6 - 8 PM
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Asia Unspecific refers to the multiplicity and complexity of influences that shape artists who are more or less nomads, frequently moving through different cultural spheres. It is an exhibition about the ongoing dialogue that each artist has in response to his or her adopted culture and the one that is familial.

Circulating through a system of influence and exchange that is increasingly interactive, open-ended and rich, the impact and results are not predictable. In today’s closely connected “postnational” world, otherness and community depend upon so many more factors. Identity is increasingly hybridized and hyphenated, resulting in an art of strange and wonderful fusions.

Featuring Chinese (David Diao, Shih Chieh Huang, Amy Kao), Japanese (Kunie Sugiura, Noriko Ambe, ON megumi Akiyoshi) and Korean artists (Po Kim, Kyung Woo Han, Haeri Yoo), who work in a variety of media (painting, sculpture, drawing, video, installation, photography) and stylistic languages, this cross-generational exhibition refers to the creative stimuli of spaces in between, without fixed borders.
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