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Tomoya Tsukamoto

Ouchi Gallery
170 Tillary Street, No. 507, 347-987-4606
Brooklyn Misc.
November 29 - December 4, 2011
Reception: Tuesday, November 29, 7 - 10 PM
Web Site

Nov.30(wed)-Dec.4(sun) 12-6pm Exhibition

(Appointment only on Wed. by email by tue.)

Tomoya Tsukamoto was born in 1982 in Japan.

He lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.‚Ä®Tsukamoto has been creating artworks focusing on pictorial expression with a theme of “boundary between light and shadow,” in which he hope to keep a trace of ephemeral light and shadow in his work. A certain existence recognized before it has gone. The absence makes you sense a new clear reality of the existence. His work attempts to represent a fresh sense of life or presence generated by the elusive mysterious phenomenon of light and shadow. The motifs repeated in his work-trees or plants swaying in the wind, sunbeams streaming from the leaves of trees, or the flow of water-are a symbol of evanescence in which a shape does not stop changing even in a moment. By representing those motifs like a shadow that appears but very soon disappears, He is questioning about “What is an object?” In fusing objects into nature, or in depicting boundaries fused and fitted into the surroundings, which can be called “pictorial mimicry,” he sees a fate that man as part of nature must respond to the changing environment.

Tsukamoto wonders if what you see is what exists there now or only a trace of something that once existed there and reminds you of its disappearance? How a viewer sees it depends on his or her imagination.
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