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April Global Projects 2012

Broadway Gallery
473 Broadway, 7th Floor, 212-274-8993
April 10 - May 3, 2012
Reception: Thursday, April 12, 6 - 8 PM
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Globalization creates unexpected relationships and contrasts in contemporary art. This series focuses on the significance of exhibiting a variety of works in a pluralistic art world. Inspired by salon-style hanging, most commonly attributed to the Salon de Paris held during the 18th and 19th centuries; Broadway Gallery NYC continues this legacy with a contemporary and fresh outlook. Following a trend of previous exhibitions at Broadway Gallery NYC, this show pays tribute to the format of a salon hanging. It is a tradition that awakens contemporary culture to a dynamic collective consciousness. A few notable themes in this exhibit that cross cultures are romanticism, spirituality, and humanity. Part of an ongoing series, Artists at Home and Abroad reaches out to the diverse community of New York. In addition to the exhibition on display at Broadway Gallery NYC, are several concurrent Internet projects, and a print catalog. Furthermore, this exhibit offers writers and viewers an exciting opportunity to submit essays and comments on the nature and significance of biennials, fairs and public exposure for new and emerging artists. This exhibit uses the space as another medium altogether; incorporating the maximum floor-to-ceiling gallery space activates the wall with art works in various media by artists, each of whom offer a unique perspective to the show.

Artists Include: Candace Hartman Jan Maliepaard Denise Hunter Peter Koschak Rafael Kolinski Marida Maccari Roelof Rossouw Ryuhei Matsuo Nykolai Aleksander Lipkin Anatoli Bernadette Kirstein Vangelis Theodoride Vincent Edmond Louis Vincent Messelier Kikki Ghezzi
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