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The Most Exciting Part About an Old Brick

Black and White Gallery
483 Driggs Avenue, 718-599-8775
April 20 - May 20, 2012
Reception: Friday, April 20, 6 - 9 PM
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Black & White Gallery is proud to present Peter Brock: The Most Exciting Part About an Old Brick, the first solo exhibition by the Brooklyn-based artist, featuring a range of works the artist refers to as ‘creatures’.

Peter Brock’s work is anchored in painting, but expands far beyond the canvas to explore a variety of materials in three-dimensional space. While his constructed paintings resemble sculptural objects deeply engaged with material and form, they never doubt the relevance of painting as a medium. Brock draws inspiration from the subtle textural qualities of everyday industrial materials in which he finds a natural and unusual beauty. Exploring the tension between objecthood and materiality, the work interprets the true character of the materials and reveals an innovative language of form.

The exhibition will also incorporate a performative intervention in the exhibition space. Brock will activate the architectural environment by painting on the gallery walls, gradually altering its aesthetic over the course of the month-long exhibition.

Baji Lives!

In tandem with his studio practice, Peter Brock extends his art-making into the public sphere in cities from New York to Nairobi. Baji Lives! is a collaborative and interactive community-driven project that brings color, playfulness and creative expression to the streets. His signature oval-shaped swatches have been reported to climb the facades of building, and even fly onto the beams of the Williamsburg Bridge. With these small aesthetic offerings, the artist invites passers-by to be conscious of their perception of urban environments. Brock encourages viewers to take an oval with them as a reminder of this. For more information on how to get involved with the project please visit Baji Lives!

Peter Brock (b. 1986, Washington D.C.) lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Brock studied with Bill Jensen and Margrit Lewczuk at The New York Studio School (2010 – 2011) and holds a B.A. degree in Political and Economic Development from Skidmore College (2009). He is the recipient of several prestigious awards. The most notable are: Kathryn Wasserman Davis “Projects for Peace” Grant ($10,000) for a collaborative project with EDWON, a women-led micro-finance organization in Nepal (2008), and National Community Action Award with Commendations from New York State Senate and Assembly for community focused research project (2009). Brock’s work was included in many group exhibitions and charity auctions.
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