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The Piers: Art and Sex along the NY Waterfront

Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art
26 Wooster Street, 212-431-2609
April 5 - July 7, 2012
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The first museum exhibition focusing exclusively on the uses of the Hudson River docks by artists and a newly emerging gay subculture. The Piers explores how the gay liberation movement-spurred by the 1969 Stonewall Riots-transformed the cultural and social landscape of New York.

Artists exhibited include Vito Acconci, John Baldessari, John Fekner, Leonard Fink, David Finn, Ivan Galiette, Frank Hallam, Peter Hujar, Gordon Matta-Clark, Uzi Parnes, Shelley Seccombe, Shunk-Kender, Jack Smith, Lee Snider, Stanley Stellar, Andreas Sterzing, Tava (Gustav von Will), Arthur Tress, Rich Wandel, and David Wojnarowicz.
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