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Adam Green | Cartoon and Complaint

The Intercourse
159 Pioneer St., Red Hook Brooklyn, NY , 917-860-1147
Brooklyn Misc.
June 9 - June 17, 2012
Reception: Saturday, June 9, 2 - 5 PM
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The Intercourse is pleased to present a solo exhibition by New York City-based
musician, filmmaker and visual artist Adam Green. The show, titled ‘Cartoon
And Complaint’ will feature a collection of paintings and mixed media works.

Adam Green: Cartoon and Complaint began as a deeper exploration of the
cartoon-mythology that I outlined in my previous show Teen Tech. The first
paintings in the cycle were inspired by drug-visions. Next a box of crayons and a
deck of tarot cards led to a series of collaborative drawings with [musician/artist]
Fabrizio Moretti. Finally, I have been greatly inspired by “Aladdin,” something
which shows itself in some of the paintings in this show, and I hope to revisit

“I consider myself a symbolist. I see myself in symbols and I enjoy manipulating
them, dismantling these symbols, and revealing both their violent substance and
their transcendental qualities. My personal experiences have been refracted
through technology, 9/11, the superflat – always escaping further away from
my body. But behind this media-cartoon I’ve found a rugged complaint. With
a symbolic vocabulary in place, I rendered the pictures richer and the cartoons
began to appear bruised both in coloring and expression.”

Cartoon And Complaint features paintings and drawings with some mixed-
media collages and sculpture. Rendered in crayon, oil pastel, watercolor, acrylic,
collage and papier-mâché, the pieces range in size from 9” x 11” to 108” x 84”. A
limited edition book will be available for sale at The Intercourse.

Opening Reception Saturday, June 9th – 2.00 – 5.00pm. Attendance by
invitation only. Reception will feature a musical performance by Adam Green and
friends. RSVP to

Open Public Viewing Sunday, June 10th – 1.00 – 5.00pm. The artist will be in
attendance. All other viewings are by appointment through June 17th. Contact
Katie Cooper at 917-860-1147 or at

Adam Green has been recording and releasing music since the age of 18.
He has enjoyed critical and commercial success around the world, both as a
member of the influential New York folk duo The Moldy Peaches and as a solo
performer. Green gave away his experimental movie “The Wrong Ferrari,” his
directorial debut – starring Macaulay Culkin and filmed solely on iPhone, as a free
download on his website in 2011. It was downloaded over 300,000 times. Adam
will be releasing a new album in the Fall of 2012 with Binki Shapiro (Little Joy)
entitled Binki Shapiro & Adam Green.
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