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Sculpture 3.0

Chashama 266 Gallery
266 West 37th Street, 212-391-8151 x 26
June 13 - June 18, 2012
Reception: Sunday, June 17, 6 - 10 PM
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Chad Stayrook is pleased to present Sculpture 3.0 at Chashama’s 266 West 37th St. project space from June 13-­18, 2012.

Sculpture 3.0 highlights the relationship we as artists share with our work. It suggests a bond similar to other human relationships that is facilitated by various social platforms, allowing us to be connected 24/7 as we go about our lives, even though the reality of that connection is often repetitive and mundane. Sculpture 3.0 opens itself entirely to public participation by allowing them to interact with it in person, via telephone, and/or email. Theoretically, anyone in the world with a telephone or internet connection can interact with Sculpture 3.0. This media explosion will result in an artwork that is turned on and tuned in 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Sculpture 3.0 will: • create a base station at 266 W. 37th St. NY, NY from 06.13.12‐06.18.12 • tweet its GPS coordinates with an image of its surroundings every hour • accept your phone calls at 917‐740‐7885 and transcribe your voicemails • project a running slideshow of images you send it • host a daily streaming podcast with Chad Stayrook • read excerpts from Nineteen Eighty‐Four, The Adventures of Don Quixote, and Moby Dick • embark on great adventures using cutting edge chroma‐key technologies • dictate new sculptures to be made by Chad Stayrook on‐site • host a party on the moon on 06.17.12 at 6:00pm EST

**All users wishing to be granted access should “LIKE” Sculpture 3.0 on Facebook: or email Sculpture 3.0 at

Reception: Sunday, June 17, 6pm–10pm

Exhibition Hours: Wednesday–Thursday, 7pm–10pm

Friday—Saturday, 9am–2pm

Sunday—Monday, 11am–10pm

NOTE: exhibition can be seen online 24/7 @­3‐0

Sculpture 3.0 is made possible with the support of Chashama Inc ( This project is supported in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.
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