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“Ride on Color” by Nao Yoshida

Ouchi Gallery
170 Tillary Street, No. 507, 347-987-4606
Brooklyn Misc.
July 12 - July 15, 2012
Reception: Tuesday, July 10, 7 - 10 PM
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Nao Yoshida “Ride on Color”

He began “flatland” in the world of BMX at the age of 15. Not just as being the top BMX rider in Japan, he works on his paintings from 18.

His mother who works as a fashion designer has influenced him getting interested in Fashion magazines at a young age, and the lines created in his flatland performance tells the story of his roots.

For those reasons, he choose female figure as a motif in his art, which express female sensitive touch, with vivid water color paintings.

BMX Rider and an artist, with both talents, he worked as an art director for worldwide BMX magazine “encounter”, and hosts an event called “Xpress” collaborating Japanese street artist and BMX performance.

He is a rare character in Japan being the creator from 2 influential forms of art.

Needless to say, he acts on the global stage too, for example exhibiting an event in east London in 2008.

-Opening Reception

Wednesday July 10, 2012 7:00pm – 10:00pm @ Ouchi Gallery

Come enjoy some free tea, cookies, and a “homey” artistic atmosphere. Mingle with other art lovers and enjoy the show.

Ouchi Gallery PHONE & FAX: 347-987-4606 EMAIL: CLOSE : Monday
  • Appointment only on Wednesday (24hr notice)
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