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Brighton Is Cool, Ocean Is Hot

On the beach adjacent to New York Aquarium
Surf Avenue
Brooklyn Misc.
September 8 - September 8, 2012
Reception: Saturday, September 8, 2 - 11 PM
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Brighton Is Cool, Ocean is Hot is a large-scale site-specific installation by artist collective Monstra Personale. It is comprised of thirty-six window air conditioners installed on the sand beach, working in unison. As the sculpture inscribes itself into the maritime landscape, its physical presence and actual social and spatial contexts become dialectical counterparts. Its appearance and deconstructed function, determined by negation, produce a situation of logical discrepancy.

What is the solution when there is no problem, or when the problem cannot possibly be solved by producing a public art piece? As a response to the idea of an art event which implies celebration and appears as an uncritical condition, the installation’s commemorative representation of an authoritative object which shapes urban life is at the foundation of the commitment to make Brighton Beach “cool.”

MP is a collective of New York-based artists formed to respond to the anticipation behind art commissions and ponder the function of art in public spaces. The group was formed in 2011 and includes a variety of changing participants. Presently, MP consists of a self-proclaimed futurologist, historical therapist and critical buddhist. Their artistic practice is imbued with non-dual perception, the implication of “undelete” function, and suspension of artistic position.
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