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Heart Heat, solo exhibition by Emily Noelle Lambert


Lu Magnus
55 Hester Street, 212.677.6555
East Village / Lower East Side
September 9 - October 21, 2012
Reception: Sunday, September 9, 6 - 8 PM
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Lu Magnus kicks off the season with Heart Heat, a solo exhibition by Emily Noelle Lambert, with an immersive experience that emerges from a conversation between her new paintings and their companion sculptures.

Heart Heat is an allusion to the search for equilibrium in the body; Lambert’s paintings are a perfect balance between control and chance, the physical and the psychological. Lambert searches for the unintentionally arranged, the beautifully awkward, and the incongruous images, which are the conceptual building blocks of her paintings and sculptures. During the process of painting, she peels away material and meaning in search of self, intuitively exploring her personal experiences by extracting them, both consciously and subconsciously, from a visual language of impressions, recollections and desires. Her paintings are a portal into the landscape of the mind, a hurricane of movement and collision of prismatic and vibrant color and form.

Combining sculpture with paintings, Lambert creates a greater tension and impulse for greater physicality, more muscle and fight, and a yearning to see thought made tangible. Cross-pollinating between two- and three-dimensional, the pieces lean into one another and inform each other, creating scenarios of the psyche that take form organically through her own fabricated language. The chaos of Lambert’s practice, the crowded, dense, creative space of one image bleeding into and reflecting on another, adds to the physicality of her works.

While the human figure is a recurring theme in her work, it appears in a fragmented and illusory form. Her subjects are drawn from both her memories & subconscious. The figures interact with the landscape and in some cases, intertwine and become the landscape. Where there is an absence of the figure in the painting the viewer steps in as the figure, the third dimension of the painting. In Heart Heat, Lambert’s figurative sculptures develop in a landscape. For the exhibitions, the gallery houses her sculptural installation, within which viewers are encouraged to explore. The viewer weaves through the landscape as they would if they were to enter her paintings and her own private world.
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