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End Times

ACNY Exhibition Space
220 36th Street, B-515, 646.546.5334
Brooklyn Misc.
October 3 - November 9, 2012
Reception: Wednesday, October 3, 6 - 8 PM
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ACNY Exhibition Space (formerly Spattered Columns) operated by the non-profit organization Art Connects New York, is pleased to announce the opening of “End Times” on October 3, 2012. Curated by Brad Silk, this group exhibition explores ideas of renewal, death, and opportunity that come from the brink of destruction. This multimedia exhibition will explore such themes as the body, decay, nature and spirituality through video, sculpture, drawing and photography. “End Times” is the inaugural exhibition for ACNY’s new location in Industry City.

Participating artists in “End Times” include R. Dupree, Tony Luib, Amos Massey III, Laura Perry and Catie-Rae Zappala. Dupree addresses themes of pain and whimsy through sculpture, photography, and video with a humorous yet concerning eye on modern society. By using his body as a tool, Dupree’s work is not only an anatomical catalogue of his life, but also a demonstration of our mental and physical limits. Zappala similarly explores the human condition through her sometimes playful photographs which incorporate video, projection, encaustic and painting. Zappala has a brilliant sense of movement instilled in all these mediums, as still images seem to sway and dance across the walls. Luib works in unpredictable palettes that twist into lyrical structures that explore the properties of nature’s interaction with manufactured materials. He creates objects as an explicit analysis of man versus nature, while remaining hypothetical and open to interpretation. Massey builds small assemblages using fossils and discarded objects, which evoke unexpected harmonies in the chasm of decay and renewal. With a sensitive touch, Perry creates a defiant presence, one with vigor and passion set in pale and subtle combinations. Her impressionistic gestures hold a chthonic presence in fertile landscape and ghostly invocations.
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