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Sext Me Now

Chashama 266 Gallery
266 West 37th Street, 212-391-8151 x 26
October 26 - November 11, 2012
Reception: Friday, October 26, 6 - 9 PM
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Like the fantasies in smut and raunchy sex novels, sexting, the act of sending sexually explicit messages via cell phones, is real but intangible, self seductive technological invention. In an almost post-pornographic era, sexting seems to be the norm for a wide range of people. the fascination, obsession and curiosity of engaging in this activity are intriguing and needs further explanation.

Sext Me Now, a visual installation and exhibition, poses a unique opportunity for viewer participation. It is an adventure and voyage into technological sexual entertainment. In the window a painting will hang, along with a brief statement encouraging viewers to sext on a prepaid phone purchased solely for this project. The text messages will be compiled and a new painting will be created each week, The purpose of the paintings is to explore how many people, younger and older, in relationships or not, communicate their desires through text messaging. Inside the gallery will be other paintings I have made in reference to this topic hopefully shedding light on this strange technological phenomenon.

Artist’s Bio: Brinn Flagg attended Boston University’s College of Fine Arts receiving a BFA in 2009 Curious about how relationships are formed, she paints and thinks about the interactions with people that come into her life. Exploring these relationships has led her to question how other people form bonds, producing her latest series on “sexting”. Inquiry into the nature of this phenomenon has produced the solo show “Sext Me Now.” Flagg currently lives in Brooklyn and when she is not in her studio or in the park with her dog, Sanchez, she works as a personal assistant to Chromeo and A-Trak, sibling musicians.
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