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iona rozeal brown and Rocy Wang present “People’s Ping Pong Party”

Present Company
101 North 13th Street
November 10 - November 25, 2012
Reception: Sunday, November 25, 8 - 2 AM
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Present Company is delighted to announce the inauguration of the People’s Ping Pong Party (PPPP) and introduce their two leaders Madame WuWeiWu and LiL Big Wong. WuWeiWu, an unbeknownst time traveller, was born in Cuba from a union between a Buffalo Soldier and a young Martial Artist during the Spanish American War. Little Big Wong’s lineage comes from an ex-Black Panther mother and a Chinese Ping Pong champion, but given his strict Chinese upbringing, he has no clue that he’s actually Black.

A collaboration between artists iona rozeal brown (WuWeiWu) and Rocky Wang (LiL Big Wong), PPPP serves as an artistic and proto-political paradigm based on the Venn intersections of the radical politics of the Black Panther Party, Ping Pong Diplomacy of the 1970’s, the ethnic stereotypes of not only Chinese and African Americans, but a host of other offbeat characters and the B-movie antics of Kung Fu Saturday Matinee.

The PPPP campaign serves as a platform for a series of DJ and live music performances directed by WuWeiWu, Ping Pong challenges and lessons led by Little Big Wong, and a group show curated by PPPP featuring works by numerous local and national artists. By using the narrative and mythical modes common in performance art, sports and politics, PPPP fuses drama, endurance, and propaganda with popular culture and urban high jinx.

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: The TAKEOVER and 11×11: Saturday November 10, 8pm-2am

The TAKEOVER is a night of performances including Ping Pong challenges by LiL Big Wong overseen by a scorekeeping ninja on crutches, WooWu spinning hot wax accompanied by dancing B-boys and B-girls and a bumblebee streaming live from Beijing. Music provided by live bands Pegasus Warning, High Teen Boogie and Generator Ohm. Pongtology Radio will be providing live coverage of the event.

11×11 features works by local and national artists in solidarity with Ping Pong’s aesthetics and rituals. The number 11 is of importance because contemporary Ping Pong matches are played to eleven versus twenty-one. New Age believers consider 11:11 as a set of numbers with mystical powers. Eleven is also the number of guns fired in a gun salute by the U.S. Armed Forces. After Judas was disgraced, the remaining apostles became known as “The Eleven.”

Easy Like Sunday Morning Table Tennis Tabernacle & Brunch: Sunday November 18, 12-3pm Come prepared to meet and eat with your Ping Pong master in a community brunch inside an artist-designed tabernacle. In conjunction with iNiCEiTUP, this event will function as a meeting place to gather donated clothes and other items to aid victims of Hurricane Sandy.
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