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Bodu Yang : New Works

Wanwan Lei Projects
456 Broadway, No. 4, 650 388 6219
November 7 - December 5, 2012
Reception: Wednesday, November 7, 6 - 8 PM
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Wanwan Lei projects is pleased to present its inaugural exhibition, a show of new paintings by Bodu Yang. Born in China and educated at the MFA program at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Yang’s works examines effects of appropriation and the now standardized practice of displaying art in museums and gallery, and present an enchanted, impossibly idyllic yet gently enigmatic state of engagement with art.

Yang’s works depart from the “art scene” mentality that renders contemporary art both exciting and problematic, and transports viewers to an isolated environment where viewing an artwork is a private activity in an entirely public space. She portrays meticulously calibrated vantage points of iconic artworks that are miniaturized, cropped, skewed or filtered, juxtaposed next to mundane crown moldings, hardwood floors, heaters and nondescript furniture that receive an equal degree of exactitude. The visual clash between art and reality, coupled with bold, pensive drapes of negative space creates a sense of instability that riffs underneath the serene colors and quiet interactions these paintings seem to narrate. Yang’s works explore the mental, historical and physical spaces one must negotiate to reach an adequate perception of art, and deeply questions the presence, function and necessity for an artistic community. They are directly influenced by her personal experiences in American museums and China’s museums-in-progress.

Established in 2012, Wanwan Lei projects is a series of exhibitions that aim to introduce visions produced by authentic international young artists who rejuvenate and challenge the contemporary art repertoire. We resist the ways art is contextualized and claimed by permanent venues, and construct malleable, innovative platforms to maximize visual impact.
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