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Selected Works from the TRACE Archive (2000-2005)

Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc.
80 Arts - The James E. Davis Arts Building, 80 Hanson Place, #301, 718-398-7255
Brooklyn Misc.
April 7 - June 7, 2006
Reception: Friday, April 7, 5 - 8 PM

This exhibition consists of reconstituted elements from live performance or action based processes – objects, detritus, manipulated materials, documents, photographs, texts, drawings and sculptural or ersatz ethnographic displays. This seemingly left-over or discarded matter is offered up for contemplation and reflection in relation to contemporary artists exploration and research. In bringing together these discreet elements one becomes aware of a certain unity of practice and an historical archive centred on process, events and experiences. This selection from TRACE, is appropriately positioned within the Franklin Furnace Archive centre and in so doing proposes a selection of `traces’ that embody that fragile quality where the object itself is imbued with the performance that created it.’

The exhibition represents the work of some of the worlds most  distinguished experimental artists. As such it is an overview that includes the work of influential artists who came to prominence in the 1960's and who remain active today.  This influence can be felt   in the work and subsequent documentation of subsequent  practitioners represented here and the emergence of a young  generation of performance artists.

Participating artists include: Alastair Maclennon [Scottland], Cosey Fanni Tutti [England], Jimmie Durham [USA], Stuart Brisley [England], Zpigniew Warpechowski [Poland], Jerzy Beres [Poland], Morgan O’Hara [USA], Clemente Padin [Uruguay], Eve Dent [England], Kira O’Reilly [England], Jamie McMurry [USA] Julie Andree T. [Quebec], Uri Katzenstein[Israel], Jessica Buege [USA], Lee Hassall [England], Roddy Hunter [Scotland], Dan McKereghan [USA] John Boehme [USA], Brian Connolly [N. Ireland], Irma Optimist [Finland], Glyn Davies Marshall [England], Hiromi Shirai [Japan], Jordan Mackenzie [England] Amanda Heng [Singapore], James Cobb & Bobdog Catlin [USA], James Partaik [Quebec], High Heel Sisters [Scandinavia], Seiji Shimoda [Japan], Danny McCarthy [Ireland], Cyril Lepetit [France], Kevin Henderson [Scotland] Boris Nieslony [Germany], Sinead & Hugh O’Donnell [Ireland], Myriam Laplante [Italy], Jeffrey Byrd [USA]
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