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Scott Harrison and Colin Burns: 1000 Sparrows

McCaig-Welles Gallery
129 Roebling Street, Suite B, 718-384-8729
May 6 - June 4, 2006
Reception: Saturday, May 6, 7 - 10 PM
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This exhibition will showcase the works of both artists who met nearly twenty years ago while they were attending art school in Boston. Although very different in approach and technique, both artists draw upon similar themes and narratives for the exhibition, particularly their feelings and associations with youth:

This series was originally conceived as illustrations for a xeroxed zine, as part of my middle aged nostalgia for my youth in the eighties. Not the Duran Duran eighties, but the way I spent it: wasted, suicidal, making collages of medical atrocities, and trying unsuccessfully to figure out structuralism. Scott Harrison

Burns contemplates the nature of free will in the context of youth and uses a generic Manson girl as the visual metaphor:

With a recurring vocabulary of symbols I’ve asked questions about the nature of free will: Is choosing to surrender your free will in itself, an act of free will? Or is it simply an excuse to absolve yourself of personal responsibility? The power and magic of children’s books has maintained a great sway over me. In an attempt to cloak these questions of free will in the guise of children’s book illustrations, I hope to elicit a subconscious response from the viewer’s childhood memories.

Both artists share a similar underground pop aesthetic yet there is a strange, mysterious and dark quality that lingers in each of their works, engaging the viewer in a journey towards uncovering a truth.
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