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Summer Show

Location One
26 Greene Street, 212-334-3347
June 1 - July 29, 2006
Reception: Thursday, June 1, 6 - 8 PM
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Participating artists: Leesa & Nicole Abahuni, Simo Alitalo, Andrew Duggan, Mayumi Nakazaki, Trine Nedreaas, Yuki Okumura, Lydia Venieri, Wang Ya-Hui

Featured works represent a diverse range of artistic approaches:

Conductive Agents by Leesa & Nicole Abahuni

The opening performance of this installation will include copper, people, video, liquor, and chocolate. The artists will create “conductive agents” utilizing copper materials and digestible information, in an effort to make contagious the interrelationships of conveyance, surveillance, and reflexive experience. This performance will be followed by a series of “actions” that will be scheduled at given times during the course of the exhibition. A schedule will be posted on

Encounters/ Kohtaamisia by Simo Alitalo

A sound installation whose aim is to provide a “Muybrigean” break-down of wave mechanics, this piece consists of several loudspeaker “chains” that are suspended from the ceiling and connected to each other with steel springs. Low sounds are routed to the sub-bass speakers which cause the loudspeaker chains to slowly rotate in mid-air. The sound material consists of water-earth encounters and waves hitting the shore. They were recorded by hydrophones and underwater microphones buried in sand or placed underwater.

Act by Andrew Duggan

Theatre curtains, split-screen video projection with no sound. An actor sits in his dressing room, before the curtain rises, before he delivers his performance. His mood is solitary, reflective, internal. He is applying makeup, and his makeup is camouflage since the actor is a soldier. The work is about the relationship between the actor and his performance, the soldier and his battle, the individual and his actions. It is about how we present ourselves, how we are perceived and seen, it is about the culture of representation and the legacy of our actions.

Shifting Script by Mayumi Nakazaki

An installation with video and drawings that investigates the multiple forms taken by visual experience in relation to reality and illusion. The video consists of five scenes dealing with the subject of memory and information. The first four scenes (loop) are intended to be experienced in the cinematic context of a black box. The fifth scene is screened on a separate monitor placed outside the box, and is presented in conjunction with works on paper that evoke the neural processing of memory.

Stalking Heads by Trine Nedreaas

The installation consists of three video loops shown on separate monitors. They consist of excruciating close-ups of televangelists. All words are omitted, leaving only the pauses between them. The breathing, gestures, and facial expressions of these spiritual predators become both sinister and humorous as they plead, sympathize and demonize to the camera and to each other.

Supersonic by Yuki Okumura

A video that features the artist teleporting to different locations throughout New York City. The instant dematerialization of the artist’s presence at one spot and his sudden reconstitution at another site is triggered by his sneezes, as he breathes air in and out. This experience raises questions about the significance of material versus immaterial, of existence versus nonexistence.

The Last Conflict by Lydia Venieri

A robotic baby representing God moves in dialog with performance artist Adrian Saich who incarnates Nature. Venieri creates stories where dreams reinforce reality, and reality reinforces dreams. This evocative installation/performance bridges mythology, history, fairytales and daily life with humor and self-reflection, touching on issues of the human condition in present times.

Exchange by Wang Ya-Hui

In this two-screened video projection, the narrative is generated through a succession of images depicting personal belongings and objects that are dislocated from their domestic place of origin. The drifting quality of these objects signifies the artist’s interest in determining where the confines of personal reality begin and end.
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