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War and Peace

Supreme Trading
213 North 8th Street, between Driggs and Roebling, 718-599-4224
May 27 - June 2, 2006
Reception: Saturday, May 27, 8 - 11:45 PM
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[Closing date TBD – ed.]

Curated by Sophie Landres and Santi Suthinithet

War and Peace is a group art show where an international vanguard of celebrated contemporary artists are asked to personally interpret the themes of war and peace in today’s tumultuous world.

War and Peace seeks to provoke and generate discussion. Taboos and common perceptions will be challenged. Questions proposed. Is the price for “peace” sometimes too high? Can a war ever be justified? How does conflict affect the human psyche? What is the role of art and popular culture in politics? Each artist offers a unique perspective that reflects the diversities and complexities of converging cultures and backgrounds.

Exhibiting artists include: Aiko (AKA Faile), Bast, Leola Bermanzohn, Boogie, Samantha Casolari, Robbie Conal, J. Mikal Davis, Kyle Goen, Graphonic, Dylan Maddux, Mear, Oscar Riquelme, Brent Rollins, Atsuhiro Saisho, Jackie Salloum, Joanna Seitz, Junko Shimizu, and Lenny Silverberg.

Musical Performances: MC Narcy (Euphrates): Iraq/Canada Okai: Haiti/USA Bennchoumy: Haiti DJ’s Kastro & D.Mo

NOTE: Exhibition Will Move to a to-be-announced location June 2 and will remain on view for the rest of the month
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