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Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery
38 Marcy Avenue, 718-387-9818
September 8 - October 8, 2006
Reception: Friday, September 8, 7 - 9 PM
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Echo is an exhibit interpreting, from diverse perspectives, reflections on human individualism. Five Madrid artists offer five views on the constant balance of private and public territory.

Curated by Elena Blanque & Sara Abad of APAC.

In her photography, Yolanda del Amo captures psychological tension created by connections and disconnections between people with their surroundings. Her imagery questions the roles categorizing personal relationships and private spaces.

Tussling with a single documentation covering a public “event”... Ruben Ramos Balsa tackles the challenges of depicting an “event” and explores how different systems of representation be it cinematic, performance or visual, adopt diverse formulae to reproduce phenomena.

Questioning where ambiguous craftsman ends and unique artist begins… Rafael de Diego creates sculptural dolls, an artist who intentionally flirts with the notions separating craft and fine art. Integrating the pedestal, platform or bases with his sculpture, de Diego is at once both a carpenter and an innovative creator, setting the stage of a new world.

Looking at what stands in front of the mirror vs what the mirror reflects… Esther Manas brakes from traditional painting and perspective techniques, abandoning canvas and opting to work directly on walls throughout the gallery. Simple geometric lines offer visual games, through which the perspective of recreated spaces overlaps with the real ones. Manas suggests areas of transit, crossing points, waiting rooms, architectural constructions or even travel agencies, which offer and sell the dream of escaping the city.

Reconfiguring the individual’s place in a consumer society… Since 2001, Javier Viver has emerged himself in Project EspHeM (Packaging Structures to Inhabit This World). An experimental company, EspHeM offers a new option for temporary buying using the contemporary marketing strategies to develop long-term “brand” loyalty. Through large scale sculptural installations, EspHeM hints at the buffoonery paraded in corporate branding that is embraced by consumers.
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