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BRIC Rotunda Gallery
33 Clinton Street, 718-855-7882
Brooklyn Misc.
September 13 - October 21, 2006
Reception: Wednesday, September 13, 7 - 9 PM
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Curated by Patrick Grenier.

Most artists pursuing a form for their ideas begin by establishing a visual vocabulary. It is an innate way of exploring ideas that runs counter to a written or linguistic vocabulary. The articulation of ideas that fall between words was understood by Barnett Newman who said, “Aesthetics is to artists as Ornithology is to birds.” Articulating concepts with raw materials can some times be more direct than words. Several works in the exhibition reference themselves as closed dialogues. One artist in the exhibition expresses the state of his love life by arranging multi-colored panels of wood, cannibalized furniture and stacks of canvases in an installation that includes a chair in which viewers may sit and contemplate the assemblage of materials. Indeed there are times when words fail to communicate our thoughts yet artists through the ages have always embraced this circumstance. Bird Watching will also present critical art practices that offer non-verbal ways to pry open places for dialogue and debate about social and political concerns. Artists include John Beech, Suzanne Bocanegra, Peter Dudek, Sei Young Kim, Marci MacGuffie, Carol Pereira, This Must Be The Place, and Denyse Thomasos.
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