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Talent 2006

Allan Stone Gallery
113 East 90th Street, 212-987-4997
Upper East Side
September 9 - October 14, 2006
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TALENT 2006 will showcase realist and abstract work.

The representational school includes contemporary realist paintings and drawings, and Bay Area and Flemish-influenced still lifes, as well as figuration. The abstract work ranges from linear drawings to paintings inspired by Fifteenth Century masters like Domenico de Michelino.

Among the featured artists are: Psychoanalyst and Art Professor Dan Gilhooley, whose large figurative pencil drawings of family members are hyper-realistic yet emotional-hauntingly psychological portraits; Duane Keiser, whose intimate portraits of everyday objects-such as cut spring onions, a half of a lemon, a broken egg—are reminiscent of Eighteenth Century still lifes; Gina Minichino, a miniaturist painter, whose depiction of donuts and cookies as melancholy subjects argues against our happy expectation of the subject matter; and Kate Sulllivan who draws from the European portrait tradition, film noir, and antique photography to create realist graphite drawings of iconic subjects in modern urban life – architecture and steam locomotives.

Pat Mahony’s still lifes of bowls hum with warmth and vibrant color. Thickly painted with strong strokes, the paintings are rooted in Bay Area tradition. Paul Lorenz’s meticulous graphite-on-paper linear abstractions emerge from architectural schematics. Fulbright Scholar Anne Connell’s dense, allusive paintings reconstitute details from late-medieval and early Renaissance painting and design. The work of early masters is the point of departure for a collage-like fusion of the past and present, resulting in an abstract, entirely modern work.

Each season, the Allan Stone Gallery opens with an exhibition showcasing new artists. Andy Warhol, Wayne Thiebaud, Richard Estes, Robert Ryman and Eva Hesse were among the many who have participated in these exhibitions. This year’s show reflects the broad and often unusual aesthetic that has shaped the Allan Stone Gallery over the past forty-six years.

List of artists: Peter Anton, Sandi Cervek, Anne Connell, Molly Kugler Dickinson, Richard Haden, Duane Keiser, Dan Gilhooley, Scott Goodwillie, Paul Lorenz, Pat Mahony, Gina Minichino, Kate Sullivan, Robert Valdes, Emily Vines and others.
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