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Loren Munk


Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery
38 Marcy Avenue, 718-387-9818
October 13 - November 13, 2006
Reception: Friday, October 13, 7 - 9 PM
Web Site

ABOUT THE PAINTINGS: Loren Munk’s “Map Paintings” are unmistakably the inheritor of painstaking research, insider information, enormous ambition, insightful wit and a highly developed hand/eye. Names, dates, places and time lines form visual commentaries that surpass recording a moment to connect eras, movements and generations.

ABOUT THE PROJECT: Loren Munk’s paintings serve as a record of New York’s contemporary art world and it’s powerful lineage, tracing neighborhoods, trends, trend setters and transitions of the past 50 years of Art History. Now Munk sets his sights on being the first to historically document the thickly condensed and unwieldy plethora of the emerging and emerged Art of Williamsburg.

An intrinsic component of Munk’s upcoming exhibit is a 8 ft by 12 ft triptych depicting Williamsburg’s topography. Presented in the gallery as “a work in progress” this Map Painting will not be finished by the artist’s brush but by it’s own subject, Williamsburg itself, throughout the exhibit. Williamsburg’s artists, gallerists, critics and collectors are all encouraged to leave their mark in history. Equal parts performance, participatory art and documentary- the artist allows viewers to go on the record with a snapshot and ribbon.

ABOUT THE PRINTS: In conjunction with the unveiling of Loren Munk’s new paintings and public art project, Rupert Ravens Contemporary Editions is publishing a series of 3 new fine art limted editions consisting of 20 prints in each portfolio. The new release editions also incorporate the artist’s trademark detailed collage elements. The premiere of the first of these prints titled, “What Manhattan Makes Brooklyn Takes” will be at Munk’s Brooklyn and Madrid exhibitions, as well as online through the publisher.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Longtime Brooklynite Loren Munk has had over twenty solo exhibitions at museums and galleries worldwide. His career has extensively made headlines in ARTNEWS, The New York Times and NYArts among many others. A sneak peek of “Map Paintings” in New York and Chicago last March was covered on Artnet in both cities and featured in TimeOutNY. Paintings from this series were also procured for an exhibit at the FSU Museum in Tallahassee this December.
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