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Out of This World

PS122 Gallery
150 First Avenue, 212 288 4249
East Village / Lower East Side
October 14 - November 5, 2006
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Out of This World is a two-person exhibition consisting of painting, installation and sculpture which create an imaginary artificial landscape environment within the gallery space. Diane Carr uses foam, plastic, paper, and other industrial materials to create intricate sculptures of dense, brightly colored plant and cobweb-filled gardens, miniature forests and shimmering night pools. Amy Talluto creates large to small scale oil paintings of writhing and twisting tree-choked forests and parks, combining both dark and high-key acidic palettes.

Diane Carr constructs fictitious environments, full of fluorescent trees, dense forests, and ice-covered mountains. She creates sculpture and drawings which ..” contrast the natural world with the artificial matter that makes up our daily lives. I am interested in creating landscapes that explore a range of emotions and draw attention to our changing surroundings. The environments are sometimes peaceful and sometimes ominous in feeling and are a combination of what exists around us – part nature, part material, part unexpectedness.”

Amy Talluto uses landscape painting to explore new ways of representing space and form, and psychological content and color, to investigate the impact of nature, and natural space on the mind. She states, “I am interested in exploring the in-between states of painting – between flat shape and deep space, between abstraction and realism, between invented color and observed color, between chaos and harmony. These moments all come together to form a shifting landscape space where emotion and thought can mix with formal invention to create a new and surprising natural and mental world.” The paintings included in this show incorporate scenes that are ” sometimes bright, lush and flowering, or sometimes dissonant, murky and foreboding. Tree branches twist and writhe, color turns acidic, and sky flattens to meet form and then deepens back into space again. A shifting psychological mood pervades the group as a whole, moving between realms of magical fantasy, sparkling beauty, anxiety, and the sinister and mysterious.”
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