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Michael Dominick, Memory Fountain

Black and White Gallery
483 Driggs Avenue, 718-599-8775
December 15, 2006 - January 28, 2007
Reception: Friday, December 15, 6 - 9 PM
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Memory Fountain is Michael Dominick’s spectacular opening night performance featuring a theatrically embellished molten iron performance in addition to a previously unseen, site specific installation that utilizes iron, water, heat and steam. Although having conducted numerous performances in both Brooklyn and Manhattan Michael will for the first time incorporate costuming, lighting and an appropriated musical score to accompany the choreographed chaos of an iron pour.

It is his expectation to soon create the world’s first “iron pour opera”. As part of the performance dozens of commemorative medallions will be cast in iron. The remnants of the pour (i.e. the furnace, opened sand molds still holding their iron contents and the resulting medley of iron pour detritus) will remain on display for the duration of the exhibition as a means to inform the viewer of the physical origins of the central element in the installation.

The Memory Fountain installation is a departure from Dominick’s object based, heat generating, radiator sculptures. This new work will utilize water gently cascading from a lighted, chandelier-like form into a heated iron vessel with a diameter of three feet that will have been previously cast by Michael. As water falls into the basin it will be instantly converted to steam, thereby creating the ephemeral remains of memories lost forever. The vessel will radiate visual heat waves to further suggest memories forever lodged in the back of our mind and the lessons from our past that although long since forgotten continue to shape the people we have become. Visual cues such as wall text and analog clocks will further guide viewers to their personal memory quest.
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