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Tomorrow’s Artist Today

SVA (West 26th)
601 West 26th Street, 15th floor, 212-592-2010
February 9 - February 24, 2007
Reception: Tuesday, February 13, 6 - 8 PM
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School of Visual Arts (SVA) presents “Tomorrow’s Artists Today,” a selection of works by BFA Fine Arts Department students.

A note from curator Jeanne Siegel, chair emeritus of the BFA Fine Arts Department:

“A startling change in the gallery space has occurred. I decided to bring the art forms- painting, drawing, sculpture, photography – previously secluded in their own spaces to be mixed together. The trend towards hybrids is escalating while overlapping, offering new forms. There is less simple figuration, with new, more subtle content.

The art remains diversified – particularly in exploring the body. It reflects the changes and developments in ideas and technological growth that shows adaptability. Relationships are replacing divisions.

Work crosses genres, styles and mediums. Works on paper are dynamic. Cross-pollination of mediums suggests a timely shift. Some individual works are tough, forceful, suggesting a much needed stronger attitude today. Many reveal how fine art has become strangely individual, subtle. Other pieces are electric, vivid and exciting. They are more striking than most of the art in the public sphere today and contain plenty of meaning.”

This exhibition features the work of Amanda Amato, Elizabeth Castaldo, Haeri Cho, Samuel Clarke, Karina Contreras, Emilia DeVitis, Ashley Epps, Sarah Grass, Melissa Guzy, Min-Ah Kim, Emil Kozerawski, Melinda Mantooth, Jeanette McPeek, Melise Mestayer, Kate Odermatt, Michael Reeder, Brian Rhodes, Christopher Roach, Jacob Schimmel, Jessica Schreiber, Andrew Thornton, Michael Vuolo and Jennifer Young.

Project Rooms

Faculty member Luca Buvoli has curated an exhibition of video art in Project Rooms 2 and 3 that features the work of Vincent Boschma, Sarah Grass, Emil Kozerawski, Georgette Maniatis, Jacob Schimmel, Naho Taruishi and Chen Yerushalmi.

Faculty member Gunars Prande has curated an exhibition of printmaking in Project Room 1 that features the work of Lauren Baez, Matthew Lifson, Michaela Murphy, Augustus Nazzaro, Stephen Pfund, Elizabeth Rabinovici, Schanen Ryan and Blake Zarsky.
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