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Black and White Gallery
483 Driggs Avenue, 718-599-8775
February 2 - March 5, 2007
Reception: Friday, February 2, 6 - 9 PM
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Frequencies the curatorial debut of the Brooklynbased artist and musician Jordon Schranz is about connectedness, about being cool, getting it together, working it out. Frequencies is a scene, a community. Frequencies is an experiential and holistic exhibition which extends outside the physical bounds of the gallery referencing both “public art” and “life as art” movements. It questions the artist-viewer vs. musician-audience relationships, and thus the cognitive division between visual art and music, gallery and rock venue.

The gallery interior will be visually and functionally converted into an experimental music club; and, additionally, over twenty performances will take place within and outside of the perimeter of the gallery space throughout the month, further blurring the division between staged performance and living art. These additional venues, including Goodbye Blue Monday, Cakeshop, Glasslands, Free103.9 Project Space, and Raven’s Den will serve both as galleries and as concrete manifestations of the intangible music community.

Each of the participating artists were chosen because they are performing musicians; they contribute to the music community (run a label, run a venue, photograph bands, act as VJs during performances); or their artwork focuses on either the music scene or `musical subject matter’ (love, lust, youth, desire, ambition, heartache, heart-break, life, death, and rebellion). Frequencies is Jordon Schranz’s curatorial debut, which was inspired by the culmination of experiences and people encountered during five years of touring and performing within the avant-rock and free-jazz scenes. He owes much to his partnership with artist/musician Marie Evelyn, and to Steve Trimboli of Goodbye Blue Monday who helped greatly in the conceptualization and creation of this show.

Participating artists: Amy Bagwell, Carolina Caycedo, Carrie Villines, Chris Lawson, Deborah Johnson, Diana Nowitsky, Jason Smallwood, Jay Dunbar, Jen Campbell, Jim Wright, John Mitchell, Jordanna Kalman, Jordon Schranz, Joy Kennedy, Kate Henderson, Lara Kohl, Lauren Luloff, Marie Evelyn, Matt Hart, Matt Mottel, Mike Pride, Nate Plotkin, Rebecca Clemencia Adams, Robert Whitman, Shawn L. Smith, Serge JF Levey, Stanley Ruiz, Steve Trimboli, Tianna Kennedy, Tom Vanderwall, Tony Miller, Tod Rosenbaum, Tyler Baum.

Participating performers: Ahnfinod, Cakes of Light, Daniel Carter, Drayton Sawyer Gang, Dysrhythmia, The Eastern Seaboard, Peter Evans, Ganung Sari, George Steeltoe Ensemble, ID M Theftable, Jordon & Marie, Julianna Barwick, The KillMeTrio, Lay All Over It, Magnets for Teeth, Mercat, Mothguts, Necking, Orbis Tertius, Quaker Meeting, QUIVERS, Gregory Reynolds, This Frontier Needs Heroes, Todd Rosenbaum, ROTC, Blaise Siwula, Spin-17, Talibam!, Unicornicopia, Violence Jazz, Violent Raid (M.V. Carbon), Who Cares How Long You Sink.
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