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Buhm Hong, Space Entwine

NARS Foundation Studio Space #2
88 35th Street, 3rd Floor, Brooklyn, 516-728-2464
Brooklyn Misc.
April 19 - June 20, 2007

Buhm Hong is a Korean born multidisciplinary artist living and working in New York whose photographs, videos and works on paper incorporate ‘drawing’ elements and a psycho-neurological approach to rendering the complex layers of space. Buhm Hong’s works address multiple ways of perceiving a single physical space. For Buhm, the number of dimensions for a space to exist need not be three: it can also be zero, one, two, more than three, finite or infinite. To work with this mysteriously complex notion of space, Buhm almost always begins his work by drawing a point (a zero dimension) and add many points to form a line( 1 dimension), many more to form a plane( 2 dimension) and still more to form 3-d, finite or even infinite space. For Buhm Hong, the perception of space is concerned with how recognition of an object’s physical appearance or its interactions are perceived. He believes that perception and memory occur simultaneously and he seeks to explore the workings of memory, lost memories, illusion and imagination on our perception of space. Buhm Hong strives to create a visual structure of the unconscious by deploying natural forms as organic representations of intuitive mind. In Buhm’s words, “each view provides a unique perspective frozen in a particular moment in time, I realized this years ago when I was struck with a powerful vision. I saw a road that seemed to twist like a ribbon. It almost have been some sort of illusion. I never forgotten it, and from that moment on I believed that physical space has hidden aspects that can only be recognized by the human soul.”
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