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Julian Montague / Tom Kotik


Black and White Gallery
483 Driggs Avenue, 718-599-8775
March 18 - April 25, 2005
Reception: Friday, March 18, 6 - 9 PM
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Julian Montague’s work explores the ways in which scientific systems of classification construct meaning and impose order on the natural and human-made worlds. He will address this theme in two very different ongoing projects.

The Stray Shopping Cart Project is a photography, text, and information graphics based project concerned with constructing a taxonomy for the stray shopping carts that can be found in almost every American city and suburb.

Insect Work is a project of re-classification in which Montague is concerned with creating a new system of visual representation for insects. Montague attempts to address the gap that exists between the way insects appear in the field guide and the way that one encounters them in the real world.

Tom Kotik: OUT (maximum volume) – an interactive sculptural installation is a soundproofed minimalist box. By opening the lid of box, a loud torrent of musical sound is unleashed into the gallery space.
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