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Kianja Strobert

Tilton Gallery
8 East 76th Street, 212-737-2221
Upper East Side
September 4 - October 6, 2007
Reception: Wednesday, September 19, 6 - 8 PM
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In her first solo show, Strobert will present a selection of new pieces in which she binds the intimate with the experimental. In a series of works she will explore the line between decoration and art, with a focus on floral motifs. She will also be presenting small-scale sculptural pieces that examine the state of creation.

In a departure from the black, white, and metallic larger-scale work that earned her attention while finishing her MFA at Yale, Strobert’s new delicate and colorful work reveals her transformation while working in the studio alone. While still pushing the boundaries between abstractionism and figuratism, Strobert’s new pieces are more intuitive and personal. She will be showing a number of works on paper and pieces ranging from low-relief work to full three-dimensional objects in which she plays with the decorative aspect of art. These watercolors and painted ceramics appear as though they were once part something else – a vase, wallpaper, etc. – but in their isolated and exaggerated forms they appear as fragments, scarred survivors of something that once was.

The sculptures, raw and unpolished, create a narrative examining the link between physical form and spiritual and intellectual production. Formed instinctually, these pieces are intended for close inspection -they are small but suggest grandeur. Through these ceramics, Strobert explores fragility, a state that art uniquely permits. By not aiming for function, Strobert is able to display work that reveals the process of creation, blurring the distinction between process and end product.
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