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Cheryl Donegan, Luxury Dust


Oliver Kamm 5BE Gallery
621 West 27th Street, ground floor, 212-255-0979
September 6 - October 6, 2007
Reception: Thursday, September 6, 6 - 8 PM
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We are pleased to announce a show of new paintings by Cheryl Donegan. The exhibition, titled, Luxury Dust, will mark her third solo show at Oliver Kamm/5BE Gallery.


I don’t need to rehearse for this cultured audience the accomplishments of the Irish people and their descendents in the fields of literature, music, dance, and the performing arts and yet the accomplishments of Irish and Irish American visual artists are often overlooked.


Next to your husband, your meat man should be your best friend. Cultivate him. Shop in slack hours, if possible. Ask him to show you cuts of meat. Learn what, where, why. Buy with his help and let him know you are following his advice.

Art Award “Black Velvet” Paint-by-Number set in choice of 2 subjects. Two 12 × 16” panels, 3 brushes and artist’s oils.


Rugged yet beautiful, made of color protected “Dura-Vinyl” on sturdy aluminum frames. Keyless combination locks and chrome drawbolts. Styled with Faille linings, large vinyl lined accessory pockets. Color: Avocado.

Polished fruits and vegetables are artistic for table decorations and may be eaten tomorrow.

Elaborations are simply fundamentals with frills.

Bowl-O-Beauty floral arrangement features decorator wheat, roses, dahlias, and columbine in footed pottery container. Thirty blooms and many buds may be bent into life-like positions and also removed for cleaning.


A scorch is different from a stain, in that something is actually taken from the goods. The effort is to remove the external signs of the damage, which may be great or little.

Alexander Smith “Nylglow” Axminster rug. Beautiful assortment of Nylon pile area rug, each 27 × 50.” Available in red/gold Mediterranean pattern (as illustrated), also in a large selection of colorful florals, tweeds, and textured designs.


Plunge live shrimps into boiling salted water. Shell shrimps, and remove dark membrane, which is the intestinal tract circling the middle of each shrimp just below the surface of the outer flesh and sometimes concealed by a thin, transparent layer of flesh, which peels off with it. To remove this easily, insert the sharp point of a knife under the surface of the transparent layer and strip the two out together with a circling motion.

There are so many fascinating things to do in this world; it seems a shame to spend any more time than necessary on the routine business of living.


Kind of a take on the classic hairdo but using all bad techniques to achieve it—like overspray, bad teasing, dullness, so all the things we tell women not to do we’ve done.

Sumptuous Cashmere, fully lined, topped with lustrous mink! Snap-on leaf design tape for use without fur. Moth proof. Beige/natural Autumn Haze mink; white bleached white mink; black/bleached white mink/dyed black mink. Sizes 36-44.

Hygiene Acetate Taffeta curtain with plastic liner. Shocking pink, Palace blue, or Venetian gold with white embroidered initial or white with gold initial.

Kim Rosenfield is a New York based poet and psychotherapist and the author of, “Good Morning-Midnight-” and “Tràma”.
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