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Jimmy Billingsley, Anyone’s Elvis

Pablo's Birthday (Canal Street)
526 Canal Street, 212-462-2411
Tribeca / Downtown
September 6 - September 25, 2007
Reception: Thursday, September 6, 6 - 9 PM
Web Site

New York artist Jimi Billingsley’s newest group of photographs explore the complexion of the American terrain as found in Upstate New York. Pictures found inbar rooms, parades, canivals, racetracks, city streets, front yards, and lost places serve as vignettes to the larger theme presented under the title “Anyone’s Elvis”.

Elvis the epic personality provides a touchstone signifying the arc of an American Drama that unfolds on a universe of Broadway both real and imagined. Coming off the success of his first solo museum exhibition (“Transit Glyphs, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art) Billingsley departs the Urban landscape to pursue what he calls the “cultural furniture” of America.

Framing both iconic references and quotidian bric-a-brac into evocative compositions, the photographs of Anyone’s Elvis suggest as a whole an elusive narrative, at times specific, and others ambiguous.

Formally rigorous and overtly sensual, this new work describes “a hidden fabric of which we can only see threads”.
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