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Wu-Tang / googolplex Show (Congress)

Gavin Brown's Enterprise at Passerby
436 West 15th Street, 212-206-7321
September 26 - October 13, 2007
Reception: Tuesday, September 25, 6 - 9 PM
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Every season is probably Wu-Tang season. Seriously, fall, winter, spring, summer all f*ing make sense. Research will bring us to this surmise, but we need lots of authority, infinite authority… so, as the Wu-Tang Clan seems to respire as vast entity ( however nuclear and clandestine they keep it), so we bring in googolplex that winsome alpha-omega number- as the No-Duh ambassador to the Wu Nebula.

Preliminary data suggests: phonetic twain aleator y pudge / aleator y trophy connotation-congruous plain obtuse Mr(s). Whatevs

But that’s not really it, is it? The Wu-Tang Clan is metaphysical prowess. Beautiful ludicrous [plainly, Ludiful] googolplex is like the dental floss strand that just won’t end. Here we got our selves some bigtime religion. Let’s bake a bangin’ cake. Who’s making the frosting? Wu, goo? Great. Join us there: googols of artists, shit-tons of -plex.
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