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Katia Kameli and Kuba Bakowski

Location One
26 Greene Street, 212-334-3347
December 13 - December 22, 2007
Reception: Wednesday, December 12, 6 - 8 PM
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Location One is happy to present new work by two artists participating in the International Residency Program.

With “Draft”, Katia Kameli continues her investigation into key issues that drive her film, video and installation practice, namely the construction of intersecting identities in a globalized world, hybridization, the notion of intercultural spaces and awareness of psychogeographical effects.

“Draft” is a cartographic installation. It is the preface of a larger project whose end result is a palimpsestic film. In line with Debord’s theory of “Dérive” –the early situationist practice of urban drifting– this “intermediate” installation presents itself as a non-definable urban map that includes video, audio and text inserts, as well as photographs. Scenes where cartographers, writers, poets, musicians, cinematographers, scientists are scribbling notes and writing potential scripts overlap with other images also shot by the artist. Kameli then reinterprets these texts by operating a double dérive. Shifting feelings of excitement and anticipation run parallel with anxiety and caution, combined with the realization that there is nothing new to discover but the limitations of one’s own experience and understanding.

Kuba Bakowski’s quasi bio-mechanical body of work examines the duality between real and artificial as generated by digital media, with an approach that is in part utopian and ironic, often tinged with a perverse sense of humor. For this exhibition, the artist creates “video machines” which produce distinctive audio-visual energy and that he groups under the title Nothing More Happens Than Has To Happen.

“The Question is not so much where we are as when we are” features the artist as he attempts to surpass the physical limitations of his body by appearing on the Polish public channel for two months, every night after the day’s program has ended, exercising and meditating against the colorful background of the test pattern (TV Zero Zones).

In the Rockaway video loops, Kuba has extracted short video samples from BBC documentary movies about the nuclear arms race, and combines them with video footage of flying birds and planes filmed by the artist in Far Rockaway on a rainy and breezy day. Presented as small video-installations, these loops generate a strange and anxious atmosphere. “City pigeons 1,2,3,4,5” and the audio track result from video and audio manipulations.
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