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Myth: Bedtime Stories and Bullshit

McCaig-Welles Gallery
129 Roebling Street, Suite B, 718-384-8729
January 11 - January 29, 2008
Reception: Friday, January 11, 7 - 9 PM
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“Myth: Bedtime Stories and Bullshit” Featuring artists: Patrick Conlon, Ketih Lang, Wes Lang, Josh Lord, Sweety, and Lance Turnbow

Curator and artist Lance Turnbow writes the following about the basis of this unique exhibit:

“The cast of characters you see here have been friends for a long time. Thrown together by the world of tattooing, three of them are tattoo artists and three of them long time canvases for them to make their mark on.

Suggested by Josh Lord, ‘Myth’, was a fitting theme for the show. With all our tattoo experience, the idea of exploding myth was a natural one. In further conversation with one another we began to really push our own ideas of what “Myth” really meant to each of us. The one constant in our conversations was that everyone needs it in their lives in some form or fashion. Whether it is an interest in an ancient religion, not believing in a popular thought, or completely starting one of your own, myth is always someplace in our thoughts, driving us on our paths in one way or another.

This show is a culmination of our thoughts and beliefs on this topic.” -Lance Turnbow
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