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Unraveling Identities

Broadway Gallery
473 Broadway, 7th Floor, 212-274-8993
February 15 - March 29, 2008
Reception: Friday, February 15, 6 - 8 PM
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Broadway Gallery is pleased to announce the group exhibition Unraveling Identities. Utilizing an array of strategies that range from recording human activity on the landscape to the investigation of anonymity in private spaces, the eight artists in Unraveling Identities examine the fluid process of identity formation through video, photography, and performance.

In her arresting digital portraits, Erica Allen appropriates images found in local barbershops and on the Internet with results that subvert the viewer’s expectations. Jade Doskow examines the leftover buildings from World’s Fairs, questioning how a building ultimately represents its original intentions, and how these buildings reflect the countries and eras of the fairs for which they were meant to represent. Boksoon Lee examines the idea of gender and nationality in her dynamic performance pieces and corresponding videos.

Bryan Lear’s playful images of the American landscape offer a critical commentary on the characteristics that make up the specificity of a place. In her graphic videos, Akiko Kikuchi conveys the loss of individuality in contemporary society, isolating singular figures within larger crowds and transforming them into abstract forms. Sarah Palmer’s elegant interior views investigate the ways in which taste, psychology and identity are reflected in homes from different countries. Form does not necessarily follow function in Chris Rodriguez’ photographs of American architecture which just doesn’t quite make sense, providing for a provocative examination of the absurd urban planning and inadequate development present in many American communities. Arturo Soto’s blurred portraits and images of flowers are an abstract rehearsal for the death of his family and friends.

This exhibition offers fresh and exciting perspectives into the manner in which identity is constructed within an increasingly homogenized and globalized world. These eight artists’ work provides for layers of subtlety and dissonance, shedding light on the most contemporary of issues.
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