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When Time Becomes Form

Artists Space
38 Greene Street, 3rd Floor, 212-226-3970
April 8 - April 12, 2008
Reception: Tuesday, April 8, 12 - 6 PM
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A series of 12 week-long performances, Curated by Marina Abramovic

Panel Discussion Wednesday April 9, 6:30-8pm

Panelists: Paula Orrell, AA Bronson, Ana Prvacki, and Daniel Mueller-Friedrichsen; Moderated by Marina Abramovic

When Time Becomes Form is an ongoing performance series of long-durational work curated by Marina Abramovic for Artists Space. The performance series grows from Artists Space’s commitment to experimentation across all art forms and recent efforts to return performance art to its central position within the gallery’s activities and exhibitions. The series consists of twelve distinct, but interrelated, durational performances, each created and presented by a different performance artist. Each of these five-day performances explores and questions issues of concentration, will power, and determination. The entire series will develop over the course of the next two and a half years. The fourth installment of the series features two separate performances occurring simultaneously within the galleries.

A Letter for the Girl Chewing Gum Daniel Mueller-Friedrichsen

A Letter for the Girl Chewing Gum resolves the boundaries between performance, documentary and cinema. A movie that will be shot and edited over five days, Daniel Mueller-Friedrichsen’s performance engages both the public audience and live actors within the gallery space. Unexpected relationships are created through image and music, raising questions such as: is it a film, a play, an audition, or a concert? This open-ended approach to narrative reveals an interpersonal display of relationships that center on love, loss, desire, obsession, and memory, while grappling directly with the concept of film-making itself. For more information please visit:

The Money Mountain Ana Prvacki

Following the success of Prvacki’s Money Laundering service featured at the UBS Bank Art Gallery in 2007, Ananatural Production continues the venture with a five-day expansion of the project at Artists Space entitled The Money Mountain. Using the budget for the show as her medium, Prvacki engages a fleet of launderers to assist with her mega money laundering service. The service is free to the public and visitors are welcome to bring up to one laundry bag of money for cleaning by Prvacki and her assistants.
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