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Show 1

Kate Werble Gallery
83 Vandam Street, 212-352-9700
July 1 - August 1, 2008
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Kate Werble Gallery opens on Tuesday, July 1 with Show 1, a group show consisting of work by artists Christopher Chiappa, Liz Linden, Rancourt/Yatsuk, Xaviera Simmons, Luke Stettner, and Everything One in the Disc of the Sun. This is the gallery’s first show.

Christopher Chiappa’s Windshield Wiper was taken from the rear window of a Volvo station wagon and embedded in the wall, running on a transformer. Chiappa’s work often plays blunt, comedic roles but his serious technical skills and execution stand out. He takes a minimalist approach with this piece, as the wiper repeatedly brushes back and forth against the white wall.

Liz Linden’s His and Hers, March 19, 2008, a pair of women’s sweatpants and a men’s tshirt displayed on a garment rack, were both discovered on a shopping excursion to KMart. Linden’s work reflects her disinterest in inventing new things or the idea of starting from scratch, and instead utilizes things that she finds throughout the day that speak for themselves. This piece, as well as much of Linden’s work, is fueled from her journalistic background and desire to critique media illiteracy.

Rancourt/Yatsuk’s piece, In You We Trust, is a project that was developed for a residency in a tower in a small town in Northern Ireland. The residency created a cast of characters and an interaction with the townspeople that was unexpected, and at times, slightly dangerous.

Luke Stettner’s photograph, Continuous and Discontinuous, memorializes an 18% grey line painted in a school hallway along two separate walls. In this piece, he shows a continuous line between the 2 walls, only possible from one fixed perspective. Stettner’s piece illustrates the shift from photographic space to realistic space.

Xaviera Simmons’ video, Landscape Beach (Density), captures a day at the beach with a witty twist. In her photography, videos, and performance work, Simmons usually acts as the subject, with a contextual concentration on both history and landscape. This piece in particular emphasizes her role as subject, entrenched in a traditional, painterly landscape. Everything One in the Disc of the Sun contributed the sacrificial Golden Calf, a relic from the June 17th ritual cleansing of the gallery.
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