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And then, what then

Capricious Space
103 Broadway, 917-438-7015
July 11 - August 10, 2008
Reception: Friday, July 11, 7 - 10 PM
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Curated by Andrea Longacre-White

Capricious Space is pleased to present And then, what then, a group show of photographs curated by Andrea Longacre-White. All artists included in the exhibition are, in varying degrees, associated with Forsythian Press, Longacre-White’s year and a half old publishing imprint. Each work featured charts a different sort of interaction with the world: from collections of small human failures, the remains and proofs of pleasures consumed, to landscapes physically altered and built upon, to signs and other efforts at communication and connection.

Alain Levitt’s photographs of situations askew, each marked by violent traces and hints of humor, become slices of a narrative never fully revealed. Mirabelle Marden’s images focus on the in-betweens of pleasure, myth and the human form, all in varying degrees of entanglement. Isabel Asha Penzlien’s unpopulated landscapes subtly give image to marks in the making, mammoth and faint, intentional and haphazard. Meanwhile, Jason John Würm tracks, with a hopeful lens, our sometimes impotent, sometimes melancholic efforts towards an ambiguous progress. Andrea Longacre-White’s two-part text piece meditates on power in small doses, creating a record of an interaction past, played out in present tense
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