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Andrew Gellatly & Hannah Hughes, See-through

Stonefox Artspace
611 Broadway, Suite 405, 212-473-7900
September 23 - November 14, 2008
Reception: Tuesday, September 23, 6 - 8 PM
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StoneFox ArtSpace’s upcoming exhibition, See-through: Andrew Gellatly & Hannah Hughes is a two-person exhibition featuring the work of two Santa Fe based artists, who are also husband and wife. Their work is very different in terms of materials and production, but is united by a transparency of means and a self-reflective focus on the artistic practice.

Hannah Hughes will exhibit photographic works from two recent series characterized by the dialectical play of grandeur and vacuity. One series of inkjet prints documents gold sequin “drawings” on asphalt. The elegant gestures and luster of the sequin lines contrast with the rough, prosaic surface of the public parking lot, enacting a confrontation between glamour and functionality. A second series of large prints focuses simply on the sun shining through various cheap fabrics. The fabric becomes a veil suggesting various art styles, such as Baroque, Abstract Expressionist, Op, and Suprematist, while engaging the subject of sunlight as the ultimate source of vision and art. Sequins and decorative fabrics also suggest an absent body, abstracted and projected into different kinds of space. Hughes’ deadpan style is able to exploit the literalness of photography for potentially revelatory ends because the world of things is also always a world of metaphor. Hannah Hughes attended the Hunter College MFA program in New York and has had solo exhibitions in Santa Fe, NM and Berlin. She has also been included in group exhibitions at Site Santa Fe, NM, and at the Santa Monica Museum of Art, CA.

Andrew Gellatly will exhibit numerous metal wall mounted works, as well as freestanding sculptures engaged with a formal language of presence and absence. The flat wall pieces have irregular contours and holes, which draw attention to the wall support behind and contrast with the reflective, illusionistic chrome surface. Overall, the abstract shapes evoke an intergalactic landscape of planetary spheres; curved, unstable horizons; portholes and flight. Gellatly’s 21st century pictorial space is equally informed by Apollo missions as it is drunken masters. In one of the freestanding works, a metal plane whose holes are much larger than its surface area, is warped into a multidimensional form which can balance in at least six different ways. Other freestanding pieces are single plane wooden dowel lattices, suggesting partial skeletons of paintings. Gellatly’s primary interest lies in articulating the space in, around, beyond, and of the object, so the object itself becomes a kind of koan or riddle. Andrew Gellatly studied at Rhode Island School of Design, RI and has had solo exhibitions in at Earl McGrath Gallery, NY and Phil Space, Santa Fe, NM. He has also been included in group exhibitions at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Minsk and at the Santa Monica Museum of Art, CA.

StoneFox ArtSpace StoneFox Architects have set aside a portion of their New York office to create StoneFox ArtSpace. This temporary project and exhibition space provides independent curators and emerging artists an opportunity to showcase their work. The art space serves to promote a dialogue among artists, curators and collectors and to support these vital artistic endeavors.
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