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Marietta Hoferer

Galerie Mourlot
16 East 79th Street, 212-288-8808
Upper East Side
September 30 - November 15, 2008
Reception: Thursday, October 2, 6 - 8 PM
Web Site

German born contemporary artist Marietta Hoferer uses a combination of tape and pencil to create an all white composition on paper that results in her own unique medium.

A grid of pencil lines on clean heavyweight paper guides layers of tape that Hoferer applies with intense concentration. Depending on her vision for the piece, Hoferer may add another layer in perhaps a slightly smaller diameter than the first. Between the tape and subtle pencil iridescence, Hoferer’s process transforms into a powerful display of geometric shapes, shadows, and reflection. The viewer’s eye dances around the image in and out of perspective.

As independent writer and curator Lilly Wei describes in the forward to the catalogue of Hoferer’s Galerie Mourlot exhibit: “Known for her meticulous, labor-intensive pattern pieces, Hoferer is a virtuoso with tape and the range of effects she can achieve with it is remarkably similar to what can be achieved through drawing and even painting, from varying textures to a sense of dimensionality, to chiaroscuro and subtle coloring, depending upon the kind of tape used and its distinctive properties.” Lilly Wei later concludes: “The pleasure and meaning of Hoferer’s understated, nuanced work is in its details. Altered by light, it is a web of shifting, phenomenal perception and intimations that represents a way of seeing art and the world – a way of, in the end, being in the world.”

Galerie Mourlot serves as the perfect space to admire Hoferer’s work. Founded by owner Eric Mourlot in Boston in 1991 and then relocated to New York in 2006. The gallery’s illustrious roots trace back to artistic collaborations with Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Henri Matisse and Joan Miró among others, as the legendary Mourlot family of Paris revolutionized art lithography in the 20th century under the direction of Mourlot’s grandfather, Fernand Mourlot. Under Mr. Mourlot’s supervision, Galerie Mourlot has always focused on serious and influential art – which is precisely what aficionados of contemporary art can expect in New York.
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