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Amy von Harrington & Melissa Shimkovitz , Poortraits & Landscrapes

Capricious Space
103 Broadway, 917-438-7015
December 19, 2008 - February 15, 2009
Reception: Friday, December 19, 7 - 10 PM
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Capricious Space is pleased to announce the opening of Poortraits & Landscrapes, an exhibition of work by artists Amy von Harrington and Melissa Shimkovitz. The entire installation will be composed of pebbles, advised by seer stones, and synthesized into apologies from blockheads. Half of the work will be made out of rocks, the other half made in the rocks’ stoic likeness. When von Harrington and Shimkovitz say “rocks”, however, what they really mean is “universes.” They ask the viewer to either look closer, or look further.

Poortraits (Amy von Harrington’s words):

“Poortraits are sand and paper collages featuring conservative politicians who have been crucial in the making of the present day landscape of America and beyond. The title gestures to the history and current discourse of eugenics as something written on the body, which can be judged and valued. It may take time to undo the recklessness of those in power, however, it is never too late, nor early, to offer an apology. Finally, the folks that have brought you death, destruction, inequality, straight-up hatred, lies, embarrassment, suffering and contradiction (to name a few), offer you one more thing: amends.”

Landscrapes (Melissa Shimkovitz’s words):

“We spent the summer on a vast swath of prehistoric land, still lying naked, yet to be covered by plastic or people, asphalt or assholes. For months, we stared at the walls of our favorite gorge until we saw faces; until the faces turned back into stones; until we wondered what those stones looked like on the inside; until we were looking into the inside of those stones. Peering down into that colossal rip in the earth, we remembered that there was so much more we couldn’t see- we’ll never see. Luckily though, we can still endeavor to imagine. Landscrapes are ink and Liquid Paper drawings of those rocks- piled up into patterned mountains, plain-jane stones cracked open to expose bleeding insides, the color of the sky.”

About Amy von Harrington:

A. mom made a kid in yuma, arizona M. exican food fueled her dreams Y. ears passed until she moved to new york V. isions of pushing papers into uncompromising situations with glue look good to her H. opefully the times are achanging for the better

About Melissa Shimkovitz:

“MACHO MEL” SHIMKOVITZ (aka: Melissa, Militia, Shim. Co.) is a drawer, interactive alternative universe creator, and novice mentalist splitting time between Brookyln, NY and mile marker 31, New Mexico. Her work has been shown at Pripublikarrak & Nontzeberri (Barcelona), East 13th Street Gallery (New York), Roodkapje Gallery (Rotterdam) and Unitard Gallery (LA). She is also the co-founder of the musical art collection “Voodoo- EROS.” She and Sam Falls will launch the first edition of Mental Fax, a drawing tabloid, in January.
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